Local Covenant

Churches in North Winchester Local Covenant (signed 2004)

In obedience to the call of Christ, we, members of Baptist, Catholic, Anglican and Methodist churches in the area of Harestock, Weeke, King's Somborne and Teg Down in the north of Winchester, who have increasingly shared our Christian life in a variety of ways over recent years, now feel a need to show our love for God and for one another by a more formal commitment to grow together in doing His will.

We confess our Faith in One God,

  • the Father, Creator,
  • the Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour,
  • the Holy Spirit, guiding His Church, the Body of Christ, into all truth.

We rejoice in the riches of the traditions we have inherited and seek to share them more fully with one another in the unity which is the will and gift of God.

We seek a deepening of our communion with Christ and with one another.

We covenant to seek visible unity, even though in our pilgrimage together we cannot see the form it will eventually take.

We therefore make this commitment to God and to each other.

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